The properties

Coté Sud is situated on the most southern point of the island of Mahé, the biggest of the granitic islands. This part of the island has a lush green vegetation still left in its state of wilderness which adds to its charm. The properties are 30 minutes of driving from the airport and 40 minutes from the capital named Victoria.

Coté Sud has got the great advantage of being near the most beautiful beaches of Mahé (68 altogether) like Anse Intendance, (Mahé's jewel) with its white sandy beach of 1.5km, Anse Cachée and Anse Corail - the most secluded, Police Bay - dramatic yet peaceful, Anse Takamaka, just romantic, Petit Anse - eclusively reserved, Anse Soleil, very harmonious and wild, Anse Forbans where beauty continues in the waters ... a submerged garden hosting hundreds of colourful fish and corals and the shy and hidden Anse Capucins which tends to be forgotten, is just out of this world but ... within your reach.

Coté Sud is a private Villa and " dépandances " which have been decorated by the owners themselves with refined touches and finishes both internally and externally making it blend beautifully with the surroundings. The villa was built for them only and only recently it has opened its doors to special guests like you. Hand-made decorated Italian tiles have been used to decorate the modern kitchens, whilst the beautiful gems of mosaic embellishes the walls of the bathrooms reflecting the pink and turquoise colours. Special techniques have been used for the flooring alternating the Italian "cotto" with the local and prestigious " takamaka " wood carved in cement giving it a singular effect.

The garden maintains always the fragrance of the colourful local flowers and of the exotic fruit trees like mango, paw-paw, avocado, pineapple lemon and many others; what is most special is that the extraordinary palm, " coco-de-mer ", so rare to find on Mahé set its roots at Coté Sud. Coté Sud is an oasis of beauty and serenity.