The incomparable nature and the savoury cuisine

When you talk about the flora of the Seychelles you immediately think of this big and suggestive nut, the“coco-de-mer”, which has the unmiskaken shape of the woman’s pelvis and which grows only in the Seychelles, more precisely, in the “Vallée de Mai » an extraordinary forest also a world heritage, on the island of Praslin second biggest island of the archipelago. What is yet more surprising is that the Coco-de-mer has set its roots also in the garden of Coté Sud;

the guests do not have to travel very far to see this unique palm created by nature. The islands boast of a luxuriant and green vegetation; fruit trees and flowers grow abundantly especially on the granitic islands; amongst the many fruits to be found there is a particular one that evokes a beautiful legend – it’s the “fruit a pain”, bread-fruit, which says “ who eats this fruit is bound to return”. When you will be our guests we shall offer it to you because we want you to return…
What more can I say of you my beautiful islands...

Nature has been generous to you ; every spot is unique and the scenery is a blend of colours which hypnotizes you. In this incomparable nature there are thousands of birds which is the majority of the fauna world of the Seychelles. During certain period of the year millions of birds nest on many of the islands. The sight is just unrealistic and these islands become a paradise for the ornithologists. In the Seychelles there are no animals harmful to the human beings – would it happen to be paradise on earth ???

It is definitely worth discovering it……… Dulcis in fundo - the real pleasure of savouring - A holiday is never complete if one does not enjoy a good cuisine; in the Seychelles you will not be deluded; the Creole cuisine is a mixture of French, Indian and Chinese;

it is prepared with spices and aromatic herbs and hot enough to make you ask for more but there are also more simple dishes like: barbecued “bourgeois” (snapper) or lobster, fresh octopus salad, and why not, flying fox in wine sauce - one of the culinary delights of the Seychelles cuisine.